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Birthdate:Aug 28
As a dear friend of mine says, "Tarditas et procrastinatio odiosa est"

Unfortunately, that happens to be my favorite passtime.

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algebra sucks, anchovies, angry rock, antiriaa, browsing for good music, canon can bite us, cats, chauvinists suck, clawing up the sofa, claws, creative writing, daily prompts, english literature ftw, fangs, fearleading, fiction, flirting, fucking with siri's head, fur, gender equality, industrial, ipod, lordi, math blows, mean girls, milkshakes, movies, napping, nine inch nails, no fucks were given, not being friendly, not homework, not your fandom bullshit, not your mean girl, not your villain, save the internet, self-proclaimed asshole, sexists suck, sleep, stop cispa, the law of claws and effect
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